~~SUMEI MULTIDISCIPLINARY ARTS CENTER is a nonprofit organization, located in downtown Newark, whose mission is to provide a space for artists of diverse backgrounds and disciplines to interact thru the arts and humanities, with the local and statewide community utilizing performance, exhibition, and education, to create an exchange of cultural ideas and practices.

SUMEI MULTIDISCIPLINARY ARTS CENTER is a venue for artists from around the world to share their art, grow with their artistic abilities, and share their knowledge and skills. Sumei was founded by a collective of musicians, architects, poets, graphic designers, visual, and fine artists interested in broadening their reach. Based in Newark, New Jersey, Sumei reaches out beyond borders to bring African, American, Asian, Caribbean, and European art to the American public, and to support emerging artists in many disciplines. SUMEI supports local children's and teen programs, artist workshops, open public discussions, and exhibits. We invite you to find out more about our upcoming programs.


~~•Exhibitions of the work of emerging and master artists •Exhibitions of cultural and historical significance .

•Lectures, seminars, and workshops involving public discussions on art and topics of interest to the immediate community and the community at large.

•Educational tours for high school and elementary school students .

•Educational tours and activities for college and university groups .

•Art and media workshops for high school and elementary school students

•Space for community meetings and recreation.

•Art and music performances focused on art, historical or cultural themes.

•Literary performances with audience participation.

•Audio, video, and printed documentation of performances and educational events for broadcast or public access .

At Sumei, we are dedicated to maintaining a connection with our community through artistic, cultural and educational events.