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ART Workshops - Celebrate your Creativity


Classes currently being held on Saturdays

at Van Buren Public Library until June 2016. 

Please call the library for dates:

Van Buren Public Library: 973-733-7750

Address: 140 Van Buren Street between Ferry St and Lafayette St.

Call to book workshops for your venue: 973-589-5525

Drawing, painting, quilt making, printmaking, tile design, collage,

Students learn the design elements of balance, shape, color , texture, pattern, rhythm, unity, form as well as spatial relationships.  They learn history, culture, math skills . They use oil sticks, pastels, charcoal, wire, clay, ink, cloth, ceramics, glue, paper, watercolors.  They express themselves through abstraction or realism.

Our workshops can be thematically geared to the interests of any group.

Call for appointment: 973-589-5525 or email: